Is your skin feeling tired, or does it look dull?  Perhaps signs of aging are setting in, or maybe you’re fighting a losing battle with acne.  Regardless of your skin’s condition, a regular facial can help and is an excellent, proven skincare treatment for achieving glowing, radiant skin.

Not only are facials relaxing, but when scheduled once per month, the results will leave your skin feeling refreshed and balanced in texture.













So, what’s the process of a facial?

First, your skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, and debris.  Then, an exfoliator reaches deep-down dirt and cleans out clogged pores.  A hot towel, or steam, is then used to open the pores and moisturize the skin, followed by a corrective mask to target individualized skincare needs.  During this process, a refreshing facial massage will leave you, and your skin, relaxed and renewed.  Next, a toner is applied to close the pores and bring the pH balance back to the skin’s surface.  Finally, a series of serums, based on the chemistry of your skin, is applied along with sunscreen to ensure your skin is completely protected.

Receiving regular facials helps keep your skin hydrated, combats aging, and improves acne-prone skin.  We recommend monthly facials, which usually take 30-45 minutes per session.

In addition to pampering you and your skin, the facial process is an excellent way for our aesthetician to evaluate your skin’s condition.  By assessing your home-care regimen, we can ensure you have the most effective and professional self-care plan for your personal skincare goals.

Call or message us to book your individualized facial appointment today to ensure a more glowing and healthy appearance.

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