Facial Reconstruction

Surgical reconstruction of the features and structure of the face is a type of plastic surgery that has both functional and cosmetic benefits. Most facial plastic surgeons can perform facial surgeries to restore function, while also considering the aesthetic results of the procedure. At Gulf Coast Facial Plastics in Panama City, we offer reconstructive surgery of the face that balances function and aesthetics.

Facial reconstruction may be recommended for: Birth defects, facial trauma, facial disease, or facial irregularities. These conditions change the skin, muscle, tendons, nerves, bones, and other anatomical structures of the face. Reconstructive surgery addresses problems with each of these areas.

How is Reconstruction Performed on the Face?

The surgical plan for reconstructing the face is unique to each patient’s needs. The procedure may involve:

  • Skin, bone, and other types of grafts
  • Removal of scar tissue
  • Eliminating skin and fat

Unless extenuating circumstances arise, the facial plastic surgeon will ensure that you have mobility in your face, and are able to eat, drink, speak and use facial expressions once you heal completely. In some cases, multiple surgeries may be needed to fully restore the facial features. Allowing your body time to heal ensures that any follow-up surgeries are as limited as possible.

Post-Operative Care

Giving your body time to heal after reconstructive surgery is of utmost importance. We schedule routine appointments to monitor your progress and determine how well the surgery restored your facial features. We also ask you how you feel about the results, as we may not understand how the reconstructive process has affected you emotionally and physically.

It is important that you follow the aftercare instructions we provide before you return home. If you experience unexpected symptoms, contact Gulf Coast Facial Plastics as soon as possible.

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