We hear the story over and over again: “I was following a trend and got this tattoo to surprise my significant other, but I’m no longer with that person.” Or, “I just got my dream job, but my tattoos can’t be visible in the workplace. Help!

Fortunately, with today’s advanced laser technology (our YAG laser is the most current in tattoo-removal tools), we are able to obliterate the ink in most tattoos, but not damage the skin.

The laser emits light wavelengths that vaporize, or fragment, the ink particles. Then, the body is able to absorb these elements naturally, and the color usually fades over the next couple of weeks.

The best news is: laser tattoo removal is one of the safest, quickest, and most likely processes to leave your skin intact. Over the years, other removal options often resulted in serious scarring and had a potential for infection. With the laser, treatments may cause some redness and tenderness; plus, itching may be a relatively minor issue, but you should be able to have a treatment during your lunch break and return to work with no downtime.

Because tattoos are various sizes, and the types of inks used may vary, the number of treatments cannot be estimated until our Aesthetician, Melissa, looks at your specific artwork. Please understand the location of the tattoo, in addition to its age, determines the number of treatments necessary to completely remove the tattoo. Depending on how many treatments are required, removal appointments are usually scheduled four to eight weeks apart.

To schedule a tattoo-removal consult, contact Melissa at (850) 784-7722, Ext 117 at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics.

Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Facial Plastic Surgery Results

Now that you’ve made the decision to undergo facial plastic surgery, you will want to make sure the results last as long as possible. Maintaining your youthful glow for as long as possible will make your decision even more beneficial. The key is taking proper care of your skin so you feel just as good years from now as you do shortly after you’ve healed. Below are practical tips for maintaining your facial plastic surgery results:

Follow Post-Operative Instructions From Your Doctor

When you have a facial plastic procedure done at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, Dr. Daniel Daube will provide you with detailed instructions for post-operative care. Do not disregard these directions, no matter how well you may be healing. These customized instructions are carefully designed to help you heal and recover in the best way possible and in the shortest amount of time. It is important to understand that it will take time for your body to heal and for the true results to show.

Make sure you completely understand what is required of you to achieve the best outcome. Your surgeon will likely give you a print-out of these post-op instructions, so keep them handy until you are completely recovered. If someone else will be helping care for you after your procedure, be sure they are fully aware of what is required as well. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are not completely clear about any of the steps set forth. Our team will be more than happy to explain each step until you are 100% sure what you need to do.

Concerns? Contact Us ASAP

Do not take matters into your own hands if you think something is not quite right any time after your facial plastics procedure. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of something going wrong. You know your body better than anyone, so pay attention and avoid complications. No issue is too small to have it seen. Even a phone call may help alleviate any worries you may have.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

Many facial plastics procedures are aimed towards achieving a more youthful appearance. Part of your post-operative directions may be to stay out of the sun – particularly for procedures like chemical peels and skin resurfacing. However, almost any procedure can benefit from time out of the sun for optimal healing and maintaining a youthful glow. Too much sun causes damage to the skin, including dryness and wrinkling. You certainly do not want to counteract your treatment by adding harmful sun exposure!

Follow Up as Advised

You will most likely need to visit our office for a follow-up visit, perhaps more than once. No matter how you look or feel, be sure to follow Dr. Daube’s recommendations and come in when suggested. He will assess how the healing process is progressing for you so the optimum result is achieved.

Providing proper care for your body after your facial plastics procedure is extremely important. Not only immediately following the procedure, but for weeks, months, and even years down the road. Whether you had a minor procedure or a major surgery, following post-operative instructions is essential in maintaining your results.

If you have any questions about post-operative care at our office, or would like to schedule a consultation, contact Gulf Coast Facial Plastics today!

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is a quick, precise way to mitigate unwanted body hair, and laser hair removal is a safe way to destroy hair follicles without hurting the skin around them. It is a more permanent hair reduction alternative to waxing or shaving.

During the laser hair removal process, the laser emits a beam that’s absorbed by the melanin in your hair. We use high-quality medical lasers that will intentionally damage the sacs in your flesh that are in charge of the growth of your hair. This will prevent future hair growth without damaging your skin.

It all starts with a consultation. During this appointment, you will tell us what you want to change, and we’ll put together a plan that’s unique to you. Laser hair removal usually involves four to six treatment sessions spaced about four weeks apart. For the best possible results, we highly recommend that you get maintenance treatments done once every year for two to three years. During your consultation, our team will go through what plan will work best for you. Every client is unique, and we don’t have a one-size-fits-all process.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

If you’re planning on going through laser hair removal treatment, we advise that you let your unwanted hair go untouched for six weeks before we start laser hair removal. Whenever you wax or pluck your hair, you temporarily remove the hairs’ root. Laser hair removal targets the hairs’ root, so it needs to be intact for treatment to be effective. You should avoid exposure to the sun as much as you can for the six weeks leading up to your treatment, too.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

We have clients that are both male and female and range across a wide age range, so to put it bluntly, if you’d like to get rid of any amount of hair, laser hair removal is for you. We know how bothersome even a small amount of unwanted hair can be. If you have unwanted hair, book a consultation today to go over what your laser hair removal procedure would look like!

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

The length of time of the treatment sessions depends on the size of the area that you want to get treated. Small areas can take just around five minutes while larger areas can take around 30 minutes.

You should expect hair to shed within three weeks of each session. Your hair may appear as if it’s growing, but this is just part of the shedding process, and it’s completely normal. Common side effects of laser hair removal include redness, irritation, crusting, numbness, bruising, and pigment changes.

Tired of shaving, tweezing or waxing? At Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, we pride ourselves on being Panama City’s experts in laser hair removal. Book a consultation today!

Start 2019 Tattoo-Free

There are many reasons why you may want a tattoo removed. Perhaps it was an impulse tattoo from when you were younger, maybe it isn’t as high quality as you’d like it to be, or perhaps it is simply a distraction. Whatever the reason may be, start the new year off tattoo-free with our tattoo removal service.

How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal works by administering a specific wavelength of intense light into your skin. The light is only absorbed by the tattoo pigments, and your skin remains unharmed. The light energy breaks apart the pigments, which are then absorbed by your body and eliminated. Laser energy is applied to the tattoo in short bursts. The sensation of a laser treatment is similar to a small pinch on your skin. Some pigments may require multiple passes with the laser, and we are always aware of your comfort level. If you are unable to tolerate the experience, we can numb the skin to help you feel less discomfort.

Is tattoo removal safe?

Laser tattoo removal is safer and more effective than other tattoo removal methods. Anyone who is generally in good health is a candidate for the procedure. To make sure that laser treatment is right for you and to better understand your tattoo removal goals, we will do a thorough consultation.

How effective is laser tattoo removal?

The effectiveness of treatment and the number of sessions you will need depend on a variety of factors. The length of the removal process will depend on the shape, size and color of your tattoo. For instance, simple designs with only black pigments may only take one or two treatments. With more complex tattoos that have several colors, you may need multiple treatments to gradually fade the design over time.

Additionally, the location of the tattoo can make removal difficult. Before we begin treatment, we will assess your tattoo and give a rough estimate of how long the treatment will take.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

There is some discomfort associated with tattoo removal, however, most patients report that it is bearable. Because laser tattoo removal works so quickly, the discomfort will be over in just a couple of minutes. After each treatment, we provide instructions on how to protect the area to allow the skin to heal.

Give yourself a fresh start this year by removing any unwanted tattoos. For more info on the procedure, or to start your tattoo removal process, contact us today.