Skeletal Contouring

Skeletal Contouring - Skeletal Contouring

Skeletal contouring involves making subtle changes to one’s facial structure. This can be achieved by altering one’s chin, which includes augmentation or reduction. The bones can be moved and reduced or implants can be placed within the chin. Improving upon the chin can provide a stronger, more defined jawline.

Facial skeletal contouring can also include rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping. During this procedure, bone or cartilage in the nasal area are reshaped and reconstructed. Excess bone is possibly removed, especially if it is causing obstruction in the nose. This leaves a more enhanced nasal appearance, and possibly improved breathing. Skeletal contouring can improve one’s appearance and possibly provide a boost in their self-confidence.

Pre / Post Operative Instruction For Skeletal Contouring

Pre / Post Operative Instruction For Skeletal Contouring - Skeletal Contouring
  • Keep your head elevated 12” to 18” above the level of your heart by using pillows. DO NOT LIE FLAT.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Do not take Aspirin or ibuprofen. Use only acetaminophen (Tylenol) or the medication prescribed by your physician.
  • Do not take oral Vitamin E for one week.
  • No bending over or heavy lifting for one week.
  • Limit strenuous activity or exercise for three weeks.
  • You may shower the day after surgery (after the dressing is removed). Please do not let the force of the water hit directly on the incisions.
  • Minor oozing of blood may occur immediately after surgery. If this happens, apply gentle pressure to the area for 15 minutes. If the bleeding persists, please call our office @ 784-7722.
  • Avoid direct sun for two month, then use sunscreen SPF #15 or higher whenever you anticipate sun exposure.
  • No smoking.