Skin Lesions

Aside from their unpleasant appearance, skin lesions can sometimes represent a dangerous skin condition. Fortunately, the Gulf Coast Facial Plastics team, in Panama City, Florida, can treat skin lesions. Dr. Daniel Daube is experienced in a wide variety of removal options and can suggest the optimum procedure to take care of the lesion, providing an enhanced cosmetic appearance.

Seemingly innocuous lesions should be examined. Outdoor activities, where your skin can become damaged by the sun, can foster skin cancer, and the longer a blemish is left to grow, the greater the risk of it turning into something serious. As a general rule, if a lesion is larger than a pencil eraser, is growing rapidly, is not uniform in color, has asymmetrical borders, or has evolved recently, it should be examined by a doctor.

Depending on the location, a lesion can cause bothersome discomfort. Any lesion that comes into contact with clothing, jewelry, or shoes may be subjected to pressure, chafing, and occasionally bleeding. Removing the lesion can resolve this issue and leave you looking and feeling healthier.

Skin Lesion Removal

Most procedures will involve local anesthesia to remove the lesion. If warranted, a small section of the tissue, known as a biopsy, will be taken to be examined by a pathologist. If complete removal is performed, the lesion will be carefully excised. Depending on the size, sutures may be used to close the wound. Ordinarily, recovery takes between one and three weeks, and our staff will provide complete instructions for post-surgery wound care.

Whether it is due to a health concern, physical tenderness, or cosmetic considerations, getting a lesion examined and removed can go a long way towards improving your well-being and outlook. If you have a skin lesion, schedule a consultation at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics today!


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