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Care of Sutures

It is very important to keep your suture line clean in order to promote proper healing and minimize scarring of your wound. Use the below instructions once the dressing is removed. Refrain from bending over until your sutures are removed.


  • A new bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
  • A new box of Q-tip applicators.
  • A new tube of A&D ointment – (omit this step if sutures are on upper or lower eyelids).


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly for five minutes.
  2. In a clean cup or dish, pour equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water (half peroxide, and half water).
  3. Using Q-tip dipped in the peroxide and water solution, gently (do not rub hard) clean the suture line removing any crusts or blood. Use a new Q-tip when the old one gets soiled. Use as many as necessary until the suture line has been thoroughly cleaned.
  4. After cleaning the suture line, apply a thin line of A and D ointment with a new Q-tip. When you run out of A and D ointment, it can be purchased without a prescription at any drugstore.
  5. Repeat this procedure at least three times a day.


  • An increased tenderness or soreness in the area; remember, a healthy suture should feel better as time goes by, not worse. It may also itch. This is normal, especially the longer the sutures are in.
  • Redness, swelling, and/or a hot feeling in the area of the suture line.

Please call the office if you have any questions. Let the person answering the phone know which physician performed your surgery. Let them know you just had surgery and you have an issue that needs to be addressed. For after hour emergencies, call the same number and instruct the answering service of the same information.

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